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Ahoy! Welcome to the West Virginia Pirate Party wiki. Content categorized as "Pending" or "Edit" should be considered a draft and not official. Content may serve as templates until reviewing, editing and approval takes place. It also helps to have initial subjects to start with - which in turn helps think of direct subjects in West Virginia. You may contact here for corrections, etc - or if you'd like to get involved, click here (for example, graphics designer! (I'm still learning Inkscape)).

WVPP wiki is a way to track articles, documents, their history and surrounding discussion.

So far there is:

Gangplank - Mission Gangplank

Rule of Order - General meeting flow

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Platform - Platform current, edits and pending approvals. Discussion, etc.

Meetings - Minutes and meeting schedule

Finance - WVPP ledger

Seen Topics - Seen Topics