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For participants to receive information about meetings look below or please sign up to the WVPP newsletter at The newsletter system as of right now is the best way to send announcements and to poll other bits of information.


Every Monday (or every other Monday) there will be a meeting until otherwise. If there are other days which are better, please do inform!

Date Time Minutes
2/20/24 9am/1pm Meeting Feb.20.24
2/12/24 9:03 am Meeting Feb.12.24
1/2/23 No Meeting Meeting Jan.2.23
12/26/22 No Meeting Meeting Dec.26.22
12/19/22 N/A Meeting Dec.19.22
12/12/22 No meeting Meeting Dec.12.22
12/5/22 9:30 AM Meeting Dec.5.22
11/21/22 11:30 AM Meeting Nov.21.22


To get onto the agenda, please email [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection [email protected]] or use

Interest meeting

The first West Virginia Pirate Party was held November 21, 2022 (Monday). The meeting was scheduled for 9 AM but was delayed until 11:30 AM.

Current meeting

The current meeting information may be found below. Make sure to clear your cache.

February 20, 2024, 9 am or 1 pm.