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Robert's Rule of Order[1]

General flow of a meeting

Segment Typical language
Call to Order "I call this meeting to order"
Roll Call "We have a quorum. Will the secretary please read the minutes of the last meeting?"
Reading and Approval of Minutes "Are there any corrections to the minutes?"

"If there are no corrections, the minutes stand approved."

"Can I get a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting?"

Reports of Officers
Unfinished Business "Unfinished business from the last meeting"
New Business
Adjournment "May I please have a motion to adjourn the meeting?"

General flow sourced from Manchester Community College[2].

Cheat sheet

Action What to Say Can interrupt speaker? Need a Second? Can be Debated? Can be Amended? Votes Needed
Introduce main motion "I move to" No Yes Yes Yes Majority
Amend a motion "I move to amend the motion by..." (add or strike words or both No Yes Yes Yes Majority
Move item to committee "I move that we refer the matter to committee" No Yes Yes No Majority
Postpone item "I move to postpone the matter until..." No Yes Yes No Majority
End debate "I move the previous question." No Yes Yes No Majority
Object to procedure "Point of order" Yes No No No Chair decision
Recess the meeting "I move that we recess until..." No Yes No No Majority
Adjourn the meeting "I move to adjourn the meeting" No Yes No No Majority
Request information "Point of information." Yes No No No No vote
Overrule the chair's ruling "I move to overrule the chair's ruling." Yes Yes Yes No Majority
Extend the allotted time "I move to extend the time by ___ minutes." No Yes No Yes 2/3
Enforce the rules or point out incorrect procedure "Point of order." Yes No No No No vote
Table a Motion "I move to table..." No Yes No No Majority
Verify voice vote "I call for a division." No No No No No vote
Object to considering some undiplomatic matter "I object to consideration of this matter..." Yes No No No 2/3
Take up a previously tabled item "I move to take from the table..." No Yes No No Majority
Reconsider something already disposed of "I move to reconsider our action to..." Yes Yes Yes Yes Majority
Consider something out of its scheduled order "I move to suspend the rules and consider..." No Yes No No 2/3
Close the meeting for executive session "I move to go into executive session." No Yes No No Majority
Personal preference-noise, room temperature, distractions "Point of privilege." Yes No No No No vote

Meeting minutes points

  • The kind of meeting begin held..regular, special, etc.
  • The name of club
  • Date, time and place of meeting
  • Names of person running meeting
  • Names of everyone in attendance.
  • Approval of past meeting minutes with any corrections.
  • Summaries of reports from officers.
  • Exact final working of all motions with names of movers and seconders.
  • Results of all votes.
  • Points of order raised an appeals made, with the chair’s ruling on each.
  • Announcements.
  • The time of adjournment.
  • The signature of the secretary or person who took minutes.

Cheat sheet and meeting minutes points sourced from Board Effect[3].