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Ahoy! If you haven't read the post yet, you could do so now: Click here.


West Virginia Pirate Party wants to help pirates get their ships up and running. It's understood every pirate is not going to be tech-savvy with computers or hosting websites or editing graphics. So, a jumpstart is in order if you request it. We're all learning here.


At this time there are no prepared tutorials which would make some sense, you'd think. Since this is still a fresh idea, it's best to wait to get a tutorial template.

We'll cover:

  • Setting up & maintaining a virtual private server
  • Configuring web services (web server, SQL, et al.)
  • Configuring the firewall
  • Configuring WordPress
  • Configuring Wiki
  • Configuring SSL

Again, these schedules will be worked out after contact has been established. We're all learning, and we all sometimes need help along the way.


While WVPP will not offer any money directly, by using the WVPP referral links, there are sometimes starting credits for your new account. It's NOT a good idea to sign up for much of any service if you've never tried this before, as you may be eligible to receive starting offers from the third party provider. WVPP generally receives kickbacks for your usage according to the third-party agreement. The kickbacks will be publicly available and used to pay for WVPP's accounts. See it as a way of donating to the gangplank project.

We'd love to have dedicated servers, but it is not economically responsible at this time.

The bill you would be paying for hosting usually starts at $6-10 per month after the credit ends, which is around 2 months. You will want to have at least $10 to $20 available for the purchase of a domain, depending on which type choose - this is not for WVPP, it's for the registrar.

Join the Gangplank

You may send a request here.

What you want to include in your message are the times you can meet, and any additional information. Maybe if you have low Internet connectivity, or don't have much of a computer to work with.

WVPP will contact you within a few days of you making contact. Please have patience, we also have day jobs (or night🙂).

Who can join?

Right now, those from the United States are welcome, and anyone else overseas may request and we will do our best to help offer referrals to you.

You must also be an adult or be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Other participation

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